My Story


When I DJ a party, it usually results in return business. People come back to me over and over whether it's a school dance, wedding reception, or class reunion.

School dances for some people cause great stress. realizes and understands that the expectations for the student body are different from the expectations of the teaching staff.

The teaching staff wants a reliable, professional, courteous, and on-time DJ. They want to know that they have someone they can depend on to perform, and ensure the students have a great time. They want to be confident they will not have to hear offensive or objectionable lyrics all night.  They also want all of this at a reasonable rate.

The student body wants an awesome DJ.  They want to hear the latest music.  They want the coolest Light show and special effects.  They want an amazing sound system.  They want to hear THEIR requests.  They want to feel that THEIR dance is just that...THEIRS! can easily cater to both groups.  We only play radio edits.  But, with that being said, there are even some radio edits that do not pass our screening criteria.  All songs are screened for A.) Questionable or Offensive Lyrics, B.)  Dance-ability, C.)  Just plain fun!  If they don't pass ALL THREE criteria, they will not be played!


‚Äč is a full-service entertainment company located in Central Arkansas. Kenny Wall has 30 years in the Mobile DJ business, doing every kind of dance imaginable, (and I do mean all kinds!)  

All of our music played is screened for: 1.) Explicit lyrics, 2.) Dance-ability, and 3.) And just plain fun.  

If you have any questions, or if you would like to book a date, give us a call will do everything possible to make your dances the most that they can be.


Your wedding day is the day you have been planning since your childhood.  When that special day arrives, rest assured that will provide you with entertainment that will exceed your expectations.

Think back to the last few weddings you attended.  What comes to mind?  Do you remember the flavor or look of the cake?  How about the center pieces on the tables, or he flower arrangements?  Chances are no. More than likely, your most favorable memories are of the reception. If not, they they definitely did not hire!